Your Child's First Dental Visit

Information for Families of New Patients

Baby’s First Visit at Wilderness Station

Welcome to Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry. We thank you for valuing your family’s health and trusting us with your child’s dental care. We can’t wait to see you. Here’s what you can expect at your child’s first visit.

  • An opportunity to share your child’s health history
  • A complete oral exam of your child’s growth and development
  • A gentle cleaning with fluoride treatment
  • An overview of any concerns or risks for tooth decay
  • Valuable tips on kids’ brushing and home care
  • Information on feeding practices that can lead to tooth decay
  • Steps to take for common dental injuries
  • Advice on teething, pacifiers and thumb sucking
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Hear from Dr. Marty Killeen, pediatric dentist at Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry, discuss what your child’s first dental visit includes. 

When should I schedule my baby’s first dental visit?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child’s first dental visit should occur as soon as your child’s first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. Baby teeth are important for helping children chew naturally, speak clearly, and they form the path that permanent teeth follow. Regular dental checkups are the key to preventing tooth decay in adults, teens, and kids—so don’t wait for a problem to arrive, and don’t wait beyond their first birthday. Think of it like a well-baby checkup with your pediatrician!

“Happy visit” checkups give children a dental home. Your child will grow up knowing our office isn’t a scary place. Regular checkups also help Dr. Marty get to know you, your child and your family’s unique needs very well over time. That’s how your family gets the best possible care!

Request An Appointment With Dr. Marty

Hear from pediatric dentist, Dr. Marty Killeen, on why it’s important for your child to visit the dentist no later than age 12 months. 

Here’s what happens when you step aboard

  1. Check in at our front desk.
  2. You and your child will go back together to our consultation room to meet Dr. Marty. He’ll ask questions about your child’s history, diet and age-appropriate dental care. He will also answer any questions you have.
  3. Then, it’s time for a gentle exam, fluoride treatment, a cleaning, and all of the necessary x-rays.
  4. We’ll end with a conversation about the best ways to care for your child’s teeth and prevent tooth decay as they grow. If there are any potential concerns that might call for your attention, we will discuss them as well.

Infant Oral Care

It’s never too early to start caring for your baby’s dental health. Tooth decay is a frequent childhood disease, but it’s also extremely preventable. Healthy baby teeth are an important part of a child’s overall health and permanent tooth development. Even before your child gets their first tooth, you can help them have good oral health.

  • Before baby’s first tooth: Wipe their gums after feedings with a clean, damp washcloth or use a very soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush their gums. The sugars in breastmilk and formula can linger in your baby’s mouth, letting bacteria build up and surround the gums. Wiping or brushing your child’s gums helps remove the sugars from the gums.
  • Baby’s first tooth: Schedule their first dentist visit.
  • Caring for baby teeth: Brush your child’s teeth, with small children’s toothbrush, using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
Learn More About Baby Teeth and Teething

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