Why Visit A Pediatric Dentist?

Are you looking for a dentist to care for your child’s smile? During your search, you may have discovered that there are two types of dentists who welcome children into their practice: family dentists, who treat all sorts of patients, and pediatric dentists. Does it really matter which one you choose for your child? It might seem more convenient to visit a family dentist, but it may be better for your young one’s oral health if you opt for a pediatric dentist instead. Let’s talk about what a pediatric dentist does and why they are uniquely qualified to look after children’s teeth and gums.

Dr. Marty Killeen of Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry has 10+ years of experience in his field. He is committed to staying at the forefront of his profession, which is why he maintains memberships in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists and the American Dental Association. As a father of four, he can personally relate to the challenges that parents face when they are doing their best to look after their children’s oral health. If you would like to learn how he can care for the youngest smiles in your family, give our office a call.

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Dr. Marty Killeen of Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry talks about how pediatric dentistry is different than taking your child to a standard dental office. 

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Marty Killeen, discusses what procedures they do at Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry.

What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specialists in the oral health of children and typically treat them from infancy through their teen years. Pediatric dentists are required to complete extensive training in: the unique aspects of caring for children’s oral health, child psychology and development, child-related pharmacology, and more. As a result, they know how to effectively examine and treat children in a way that makes them comfortable.

Benefits Of A Pediatric Dentist

Choosing a pediatric dentist instead of a family dentist to care for your child’s smile can provide some significant benefits:

  • Increased awareness of children’s oral health needs. Their training equips them to diagnose and treat childhood dental issues as soon as possible, which can set your little one up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.
  • The dentist and their staff members are great with kids. Visiting the dentist can be intimidating for young children. The team members in a pediatric dental office have experiencing in calming in even the most nervous little ones. The dentist may even be able to offer sedation to calm their fears.
  • Provide insightful coaching. Are you worried about your child’s thumb sucking habit, or are you concerned about some of your teen’s nutritional choices? A pediatric dentist has a knack for providing effective coaching to correct bad habits.


High-Quality Dental Treatment For Kids of All Ages

Dentistry for Infants

Dr. Marty strongly recommends that parents bring in their infants for an initial appointment when the first baby tooth starts pushing its way up through the gum line, or when they celebrate their first birthday – whichever comes first! This gives our team the valuable opportunity to introduce your young son or daughter to the dental office, carefully review their developing smile in its earliest stages for signs of problems, and provide you (the parent) with good advice regarding oral hygiene practices at home.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Dentistry for Toddlers

As babies age into toddlers, their energy levels are likely to skyrocket, and parents may find that they suddenly have a hard time keeping up! Our team can help your little one’s growing smile stay safely on track throughout this tumultuous period of their lives, providing gentle checkups, silver diamine fluoride treatments, and other important services that will keep their baby teeth safe and strong.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments
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Dentistry for Children

As they start attending school, children become much more responsible for their oral health, which can sometimes lead to good habits falling by the wayside as their time gets filled up with new friends, activities, and projects. Thankfully, the Wilderness Station team is here to lend a helping hand! We offer a wide variety of services that are perfect for blossoming smiles, including dental sealants, tooth-colored fillings, custom-made mouthguards, and much more.

Tooth Fillings
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Dentistry for Teens

Life can often be tough and full of drama for teenagers, but they still have a place right here at our Lincoln pediatric dental office. Dr. Marty treats older children all the way up to the age of 18, offering plenty of friendly, high-quality care so that they can enter adulthood with the healthiest, most confident smile possible. Available services include tooth-colored fillings, custom mouth guards for athletic kids, emergency dentistry, and more.

Mouth Guards
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Pediatric Dentistry for Children with Special Needs

We strongly believe in providing a safe and comfortable dental office environment for ALL children, including those with developmental disabilities, behavioral impairments, and other conditions that deserve a little extra attention. As a trained pediatric dentist, Dr. Marty is more than qualified to take care of your special needs son or daughter, and we offer calming sedation dentistry as needed to help them relax throughout the treatment process.

Sedation Dentistry
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