Thumb Sucking Appliances

Thumb sucking appliances are used to break thumb-sucking or pacifier habits in children and adults.

Thumb/Habit Appliances

A thumb sucking appliance prevents placement of the thumb into the mouth in a comfortable position. It’s used to break thumb-sucking habits with children, and even, occasionally with adults.

Thumb sucking appliances are built custom for your mouth so each appliance requires a consultation by your dentist before the appliance can be built. Once the appliance is inserted into the mouth, the thumb sucking habit is broken over time.

child sucking their thumb
  • When should a thumb sucking appliance be used?

    A thumb sucking appliance should be used when the habit persists past age 4-5. Beyond this age, thumb-sucking can cause damage to developing skeletal structures and teeth.

  • How is a thumb sucking appliance made?

    A thumb sucking appliance is made in four steps:

    First, your child is examined by your dental provider and a prescription for a thumb sucking or habit appliance is created.

    Second, an impression or digital scan of your child’s mouth is taken so the appliance can be custom made.

    Third, a dental lab will fabricate and build the appliance.

    Fourth, your dental provider will schedule a time to provide you with the appliance. Thumb sucking appliances can be permanent or removable so the length of this visit is determined by the type of thumb sucking appliance your dentist prescribes.

  • What types of thumb sucking devices are available?

    Thumb sucking appliances can come as removable appliances or permanent appliances.

    Removable habit correction appliances or thumb sucking appliances can be taken in and out of the mouth and are only be effective if worn as prescribed.

    Fixed appliances cannot be removed so these are often used for children who are having a harder time breaking the thumb sucking habit. Since they cannot be removed, they may cause difficulty adjusting to the device when it is first provided.

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